Experience & Results

As attorneys who view our clients' interests as our foremost concern, Swerdloff & Swerdloff is proud of the positive outcomes achieved for our clients.

Although our results neither predict nor assure the outcome of your particular case, a few examples of our successes in litigation are as follows:

  • We represented a client who wished to move to Pennsylvania with her four children. After the trial, the court entered an order permitting her to move even though her former husband objected strongly to the move.

  • We represented a client who sued her divorce lawyer because the lawyer failed to secure her ex-husband's interest in property during the divorce. The client was unable to obtain any share of the husband's property but we were able to recover compensation for her from the lawyer who failed to secure her ex's interest in property.

  • We represented a client who sued her former lawyer who had obtained an order to attach property of the person our client sued but failed to then take the necessary legal steps to secure the property. The client was, therefore, unable to obtain that property in the original lawsuit. We successfully made claims against her former lawyer and were able to recover compensation for her against the former lawyer.

  • We represented injured clients whose first lawyers failed to start legal actions in a timely manner. The clients were unable to obtain money damages against those responsible for their injuries. We were able to recover compensation for them against the lawyers who failed to properly represent them.

  • We represented a client and prevented the termination of her parental rights to her four children after the first lawyer representing her failed to appear at important hearings or to notify her of the hearings so that she could appear on her own behalf. He continued to advise her that she would win the case even though he did nothing. When she retained our services, the final termination hearing had already been scheduled. We were able to successfully reverse the process and she has been reunited with her children.

  • We represented a client in a sexual harassment and paternity action against a prominent Connecticut attorney which resulted in a substantial cash settlement and a child support award for our client.

  • We have negotiated the settlement of hundreds of divorces which have given our clients the ability to face the future without the cost, aggravation, and the pain of a prolonged battle.

  • We have represented mothers and fathers in obtaining custody and support orders, which are fair for them and their children.

  • As a result of Attorney Mark Swerdloff's professional and vigorous representation in a complex sexual abuse case, the victim was awarded a judgment of $12.4 million dollars which was, at that time, the largest judgment ever awarded in such a case in the state of Connecticut. As a result of Attorney Swerdloff's representation, the perpetrator lost real estate, money and vehicles. The client received sufficient compensation to relocate and move on with her life.

  • We represented the interests of a woman who was sexually abused by a neighbor and whose former lawyer committed malpractice by not aggressively pursuing the claim. We were able to obtain a significant settlement for the victim from the lawyer who committed the malpractice.

  • We represented the interests of a man who was one of several young boys who were sexually abused by the manager of a local bowling alley. The case was mediated and resulted in a very satisfactory result for our client and provided our client with some degree of closure.

  • Our representation of a child sex abuse survivor abused at a major Hartford, Connecticut hospital resulted in a significant settlement and provided our client with some degree of closure.

  • We recovered $750,000 for a client with a serious back injury as a result of a trip and fall that took place on a construction site.

  • We recovered more than $750,000 for a family injured in an automobile accident while out on a Sunday drive. In addition to the parents' recovery, we structured the settlement to provide maximum funds for the injured child to pay for her college education.

  • In addition, we have recovered millions of dollars for clients in slip and fall and other fall down cases, automobile cases, motorcycle cases, wrongful death actions, dog bite cases, and other personal injury cases.