Connecticut Parental Relocation Attorneys

Life is constantly changing and sometimes this requires moving away from a longtime residence. When children from a previous relationship are involved, life can become complicated.

At Swerdloff & Swerdloff, we are Connecticut parental relocation lawyers who have provided legal assistance for more than 35 years in cases where parents need to relocate.

Whether you are moving or your ex is moving, our dedicated attorneys will handle your case with skill and compassion.

Acting in Your Childrens' Best Interests

When a parent seeks to relocate for any reason, the move involves a major adjustment not only for you, but for your children as well. The courts are aware of this and will base their decision on what is considered to be the best interests of the children.

The court will consider a number of factors in determining what is in the best interests of your children, including:

  • Emotional bond between the parent and the children
  • Ability to provide for the children
  • Current living arrangement
  • Importance of preserving parental relationships
  • Children's preference (if the children are mature enough to express a preference)

Our experienced West Hartford family law attorneys will work with the courts to find a solution that benefits all involved parties.

Relocation matters can get complicated very quickly.

Depending on where a parent intends to move, complex issues of jurisdiction may arise. Do not trust your case to an inexperienced attorney. The lawyers at the Connecticut law firm of Swerdloff & Swerdloff have decades of family law experience and can handle your case efficiently and with empathy.

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