Divorce Mediation Attorneys

At Swerdloff & Swerdloff, we understand how difficult it is to be a married couple even in the best of circumstances.

We are Mark and Ileen Swerdloff, a husband-and-wife-team who have been married for more than 46 years and have been practicing in family law for more than 35 years.

We have assisted families in resolving complicated issues, such as divorce and legal separation, child custody, child support, visitation, property division, alimony and allocation of debt.

Successful Approach to Divorce

Mediation is not appropriate for all clients but, if, after discussion, we determine that you are candidates for mediation, Swerdloff & Swerdloff will provide the assistance necessary to successfully guide you both through this difficult time.

At Swerdloff & Swerdloff, we make every effort not to escalate family disputes. If your marriage truly is broken, we want you to be happier divorced than you were married. We don't want the process to make things worse.

When we provide divorce mediation services, we don't act as the attorney for either party. Instead, we explain the law to both parties and guiding them to reach their own resolutions of their financial and child custody issues through a series of meetings and discussions.

As mediators, we will help you to achieve the happily-ever-after divorce as a restructured family and not as a destroyed family.

What Are the Advantages of Mediation?

Mediation allows both parties to avoid the adversarial trauma of going to family court, which often increases conflict. Instead, you and your spouse with our assistance will seek to resolve the issues of your divorce in a series of meetings conducted by the mediator.

The outcome of mediation is not binding on either party, until you both agree and sign a contract. When you and your spouse come to an agreement, we will draft the legal papers required to make the agreement an order of the court.

Less Expensive Divorce Option

Mediation can be significantly less expensive than a contested divorce. Both parties are paying for the services of one mediator to guide them through the divorce process, rather than each side paying for a lawyer. The process is also less emotionally draining. If you and your spouse are candidates for successful mediation, we are here to help you.

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In addition to divorce, mediation can be used to resolve other family law issues such as child custody and relocation disputes. To schedule a consultation, contact the law office of Swerdloff & Swerdloff by e-mail or call 860.985.9424.