Swerdloff & Swerdloff: A Longstanding Partnership

Swerdloff & Swerdloff is not your everyday law firm. There are few law firms where the partners' partnership has endured for more than 35 years – and fewer still where the partners are married.

Ileen Swerdloff is the most caring and competent attorney that I have ever met! When in the darkest moments of our life, Ileen was there to direct me and my family through a living nightmare, and help us to overcome our tragedy. We will forever be in her debt, and she will forever be in our hearts! Words will not suffice to praise her (AND her wonderful partner) for their kindness and professional expertise. I hold Ileen in the highest esteem possible, and my gratitude will last eternally! ~ Rick N. Southington, CT

We serve as both counselors and advocates for our clients.

As counselors, we provide you with information and advice based on our experience and understanding of the law. We will suggest various possible outcomes of your legal case.

If you choose to litigate your matter, we serve as your advocates. We can succeed in resolving your issues through negotiations or challenging legal battles.

We will always make ourselves available to answer your questions.

We want you to understand what is happening with your case, whether it is a family matter, a claim against a sexual abuser, a legal malpractice case, a criminal matter or a personal injury case.

If you call our office, you will not have to rely on a secretary, a paralegal, or a first-year associate. You will talk to one of us – attorneys with more than 35 years of legal experience. We do not delegate our legal work to anyone else.

We seek to establish a positive relationship with you.

We often serve as the subsequent lawyers in a legal case because many clients come to us on discovering that their legal matter has not been handled to their satisfaction by previous counsel.

Our written fee agreement will explain all obligations and responsibilities between attorney and client regarding legal costs. All important pleadings and documents will be forwarded to you on a regular basis, keeping you aware and updated as to the status of your case.

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If you have a question or concern about family law, sexual abuse, a personal injury or motor vehicle case, legal malpractice, or other legal matter, we invite you to contact attorneys Mark and Ileen Swerdloff today.

We look forward to establishing a long and satisfactory relationship with you.