Going to see a lawyer can be a stressful experience. At Swerdloff & Swerdloff, our goal is to resolve your legal matters in a professional, cost-efficient manner, helping you to manage anxiety and stress and to move forward with your life.

Family Attorneys with Combined Experience of 70 Years

Swerdloff & Swerdloff brings the combined experience of 70 years in the handling of a wide range of legal matters – many of which require a rigorous understanding of complex laws and regulations and may involve a challenging battle. Our three major practice areas include: family law, survivors of sexual abuse, and legal malpractice.

When you trust us with your family matters or divorce concerns, you are welcoming us into an emotional place in your life. We are committed to helping you feel at ease when navigating important legal issues such as:

  • Divorce and legal separation
  • Mediation
  • Child custody and child support
  • Property division and alimony

"The innocence of children, their dreams, and their wellbeing should not be lost with the break-up of a family." - OurFamilyWizard.com

We are Mark and Ileen Swerdloff, a team of lawyers wedded both personally and professionally. Married for more than 46 years and practicing family law for more than 35 years, we are partners personally and professionally and on every level. There are few law firms where the partnership has endured for more than three decades – and fewer still where the partners are married to each other. As Connecticut family lawyers, we confer and consult on every case we handle.

Attorney Mark Swerdloff is extremely knowledgeable, professional and experienced, having navigated the Connecticut judicial system since 1978. Calm, prepared and collected, he is a terrific and effective attorney to have on your side. I have found him to be very supportive, to the point and he will always give you an honest answer. Attorney Swerdloff is quite adept in cases involving complicated financial matters. I highly recommend him. ~ Theresa W. Avon, CT

Helping Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Attorney Mark Swerdloff has represented numerous survivors of sexual abuse in the state of Connecticut. He will vigorously pursue financial compensation for emotional and psychological damage as well as pain and suffering resulting from sexual abuse.

Legal Malpractice Plaintiffs' Attorneys

When a lawyer loses a case, you have a right to be disappointed in your choice of legal counsel. If the lawyer's representation fell below the required standard and resulted in losing your case, you may have a valid claim for legal malpractice against your lawyer.

At Swerdloff & Swerdloff, we are Connecticut legal malpractice plaintiffs' lawyers who hold attorneys responsible for their actions. If you were poorly represented, we can seek compensation for you.

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